Projects Finished

Psychosis, definitely short film

A chainsawjuggler traveling to North Korea to perform at a dictator’s birthday party is sent to a mental asylum. He needs to flee in 48 hours to make the gig. This Wes Anderson styled comedy is based on a true story.

The film has been granted production funding from the Finnish Film Foundation.
Director and writer: Vesa Kuosmanen and Henri Huttunen
Starring: Markus Järvenpää ja Satu Silvo

Projects in Development

Nuclear Family tv-series

A twelve episode tv-series, each episode is set during a different family holiday gathering. A single father lies to his parents about finally marrying the mother of his child in order to use the wedding funds to support his ex-girlfriend’s get-rich-quick scheme. Finally, during the series the main character learns that the nuclear family isn’t the only model for happiness.

The film has been granted the scriptwriting funding from the Finnish Film Foundation.
Director: Vesa Kuosmanen
Writer: Tuomo Rämö
Schedule: In development, estimated tv-premiere 2017

Diskomies (working title) short film

A 42-year old single parent Eki arranges a class reunion with his secondary school class. While in the party, he has to recount his own past mistakes and see his own son following his way. A film about how father’s mistakes are reflected in sons, and how bad habits are embraced almost unwittingly.

The script has been granted funding from the Finnish Film Foundation.

Director: Iiro Peltonen
Writer: Hannu Koivuranta
Schedule: Shot – Release in summer 2016

Motor Oil short film

Anna (32) can fix engines, but can she lubricate her own sexlife? Anna, a married woman, has a fling with armoured role playing geek, young handsome Sami. When her husband finds out they need to overcome the problems of every long lasting relationship.

The film has been granted development funding from the Finnish Film Foundation and director Vilja Autiokyrö won the Nisi Masa European Short Pitch 2014 competition with the script.

Director and writer: Vilja Autiokyrö
Schedule: In development

Tom the Movie feature film

Until the year 1971, being gay in Finland could land you in jail for years. During the 50s people committed suicide because they were exposed. There is a man who lives a double life. By day he is a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night a genius creator of erotic drawings. Touko, an artist with forbidden sexuality, becomes an international gay icon, Tom of Finland. The film based on Touko Laaksonen’s life tells an exceptional story how illegal jerk off pictures freed the whole generation of masculine gay men.

We’ve made a short film like teaser to visualize the style of the film and it has got more than 320 000 views.

Director: Henri Huttunen and Vesa Kuosmanen
Writer: Tuomo Rämö ja Akseli Hannula
Starring: Olli Rahkonen
Phase: In development
Estimated budget: 800 000€